How to solve customer's technical problem

How to supply BS90A steel rail to traditional Commonwealth countries?

BS90A steel rail is British standard rail, now belong to EN13674-4 standard named 45E1, most traditional commonwealth countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would like to use it. This rail should belong to light steel rail, normally only can be used for mining railroad line, even industrial cargo railroad, should use more than 50 kg/m rail, but they also use it for state railway rail. Such as Sri Lanka, always express this tender, they also choose 350HT heat treatment [...]

How to buy large quantity railway rail from us without any risk?

Q: Hi, we want to buy large quantity steel rails from your company, but we can’t visit your company in cause of corona virus, even we visit you, also worry about the quality of goods, how can we do like this? A: Yes, even you visit us, can’t avoid the risk. But steel rail all be standard product, only need inspect the section and hardness, will understand it is correct or not. So, as international conventions, always send professional third party [...]

If we meet customer’s technical problem, how to solve it? (IV)

After a while, his wife called me, our talking content as below: She: “Hi, Mr. Su, I had chatted with you about this business very long time, we really want to do this business with you, we had found out that remanent cut rebar, really has magnetism. We found the reason is that our worker cut it by industrial scissor to make the magnetism, in fact, should use cutting machine to cut it.” This is opposite explaining than her husband. [...]

If we meet customer’s technical problem, how to solve it? (III)

But whole day we consider this problem: Face so little trouble, they are so poor to solve this problem, if we do big business with them, maybe face other problem too, if they make trouble to us, that time will have big problem. Then we began to try to find another supplier instead of them. If you have pressure, you will do everything very high efficiency, after talked with several company, we found a cheaper and more professional supplier. Under [...]

If we meet customer’s technical problem, how to solve it? (II)

I called to him by wechat again, but refused, I had to leave message to him: “We just want you to explain and solve this problem, if you refuse to talk with us, the character will be different, we must solve this problem, you’ll undertake this result.” Then he had to call to us, our talked record as below: He: “Young people, because you don’t have any general knowledge, we don’t want to talk to you, and don’t do business [...]

If we meet customer’s technical problem, how to solve it? (I)

One customer wants to but 304L stainless rebar, they are very pay attention to the material can’t have magnetism, let’s us to send a sample for inspection. We had confirmed with our supplier that the material must be without magnetism, they asked us three hundred CNY for this sample charge, maybe they faced a lot of people only ask sample, then did not do business, we understood this meaning. We paid this money to them, they sent the sample to express [...]

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