Crane rail КР-70 GOST 4121-96 instruction

Crane rail КР-70 GOST 4121-96 is a type of rail that is commonly used for overhead cranes and other heavy-duty material handling equipment. It is a standard established by the Russian Federation and is characterized by its high load-bearing capacity and durability. The “КР” in the name stands for “Крановая Рельса” which translates to “Crane Rail” in English. The number “70” refers to its width of head, the unit weight is 52.8 kg/m. This type of rail is widely used in various industrial applications and is known for its high quality and reliability.

Here are the basic specifications of Crane rail КР-70 GOST 4121-96:

1. Standard: GOST 4121-96
2. Type: Crane Rail
3. Material: U71Mn
4. Weight: Approximately 52.8 kg/meter
5. Length: Standard length is 12 meters, but can be customized as per requirements

In addition to the above specifications, the rail profile of Crane rail КР-70 GOST 4121-96 also has specific dimensions for the head width, height, and thickness, as well as for the foot width, height, and radius as the profile drawing. All of these elements contribute to the rail’s load-bearing capacity and resistance to wear and tear.

Crane rail КР-70 GOST 4121-96 is commonly used in various heavy-duty industrial applications that involve the movement of heavy loads. Some examples of areas where this type of crane rail may be used include:

1. Ports
2. Mines
3. Steel mills
4. Power plants
5. Heavy-duty manufacturing facilities
6. Warehouses and distribution centers
7. Container terminals
8. Railway yards

In these areas, КР-70 crane rail is used to support and guide heavy cranes and other heavy machinery as they move along the rail. The high quality steel used in the rail’s construction and its specific weight and dimensions allow it to withstand the heavy loads and consistent wear and tear associated with industrial applications.

КР-70 crane rail is a type of rail that is commonly used in Russia and other countries that use Russian rail standards. The standard is regulated by GOST (Russian National Standard) 4121-96, which is specific to the production of crane rails. However, it’s important to note that crane rail is used worldwide, and other countries may have their own specific standards for this type of rail. Nonetheless, if you are looking specifically for the КР-70 crane rail, it is most commonly used in Russia and other countries that use Russian rail standards.

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ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2 rail, 60R2 rail EN 14811:2006


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