E185 cathode collector bar

An Azerbaijani customer ask E185 cathode collector bar, normal requirement is SAE 1006 material, and the quantity is 82 tons, the dimension is 2065x180x70mm, the edge is curved, the drawing is designed by Chinalco.

We were long term supplier of Aluminum Corporation of China (Chinalco), our company had supplied steel material to them more than 30 years. Even the quantity is so little, we have duty to find way to supply these goods to our old client, even this is through middle business company.
The material of E185 as below: E185 is a carbon steel. Yield strength 195 MPa.
Chemical composition (mass fraction) (%): C: ≤0.12, Mn: ≤0.50, Si: ≤0.30, S: ≤0.040, P: ≤0.035. Deoxidation method: F, b, Z;
Mechanical Properties: Tensile strength (σb / MPa): 315-430, Elongation (δ5 /%): ≥33.
Because the edge is curved, we need special to make roller to produce it, 82 tons indeed is too little for this business. But we have good relation with the manufacturer, and hope to do long term business with this client, the manufacturer promise to help us to produce this product.
If other customers have similar business, please feel free to ask us by email: [email protected].

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