GOST R51865 R65 railway rail introduction

GOST R51685 R65 railway rail is a type of rail track used in railways that conforms to the Russian GOST standard. The R65 designation refers to the rail’s weight per meter, which is approximately 64.72 kilograms. These rails are commonly used in heavy-duty railway lines for transportation of heavy goods and material.

The detailed specifications of GOST R51685 R65 railway rail as below:

– Standard: Russian GOST R51685
– Rail type: R65
– Rail weight: 64.72 kg/m or 131.54 lbs/yd
– Rail height: 195.7 mm or 7.71 inches
– Rail width at top: 125 mm or 4.92 inches
– Rail width at bottom: 132 mm or 5.2 inches
– Head width: 62 mm or 2.44 inches
– Foot height: 65 mm or 2.56 inches
– Web thickness: 16.67 mm or 0.656 inches
– Length: Standard length is 25 meters (82 feet) but can be customized to other lengths as well.

There are several advantages of GOST R51685 R65 railway rail:

1. High strength: The rail is designed to be very strong and capable of withstanding heavy loads and traffic.

2. Durable: GOST R51685 R65 railway rail is highly resistant to wear and tear, which means it has a longer lifespan than some other rail types.

3. Low maintenance: Due to its strength and durability, this rail requires less frequent maintenance, which can save time and money.

4. Compatibility: This rail type is widely used in Russia and other countries that use Russian rail standards, making it a popular choice for companies that operate across these markets.

5. Cost-effective: GOST R51685 R65 railway rail is relatively affordable and can provide a cost-effective solution for railway infrastructure projects.

Overall, the GOST R51685 R65 railway rail provides a reliable, durable, and cost-effective solution for many railway infrastructure needs.

R65 rail is used in many Former Soviet countries for various railway applications such as mainline, metro, and tram lines.

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