High-speed train is major transportation in China


China Railway High-Speed (CRH) is the major traffic tool in China, the highest speed is 350 km/h, it is not restricted by other severe weather except typhoon. On the CRH you can work on internet, talk with your familiars by video or have a nap, the condition is very comfortable.

China mainland have long distance from one city to other city, the CRH joint most of the cities to reduce the time distance, Chinese can’t leave CRH now.

Besides, Asia and Europe land is the largest land in the world, now China-Europe Train joint the freight transportation railway line, the cost of train is 1/8 of truck, it can save a lot of freight charge for this area. In the future can connect the high-speed railway line, the travel of this area will be developped, and the time distance will be reduced.

All in all, high-speed train will become to important traffic tools for the mainland area in the future.

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