How to design and install the crane rail for crane running

We are not only supply crane rail and fasteners, but also supply the design and installation service. If you have this requirement, please write email to tell us your detailed requirement: [email protected].

Please refer the example that we talked an Italian project that work in Vietnam:

This is a 70.6m x 4 crane rail line, Italian customer will install the crane in Vietnam, they found us to do the crane rail project, we can save a lot of charge the themselves.

At beginning they want to us S49 rail, because the quantity is little, we suggest they use Chinese standard 50kg/m rail instead of it, the detailed communication as below:

A. About the technology questions:

We confirm with our engineer about the detailed specification, we have some opinions as below:

  1. As the standard dimension of 50kg rail clamp, we had to update the width of steel plate to 430mm.
  2. We consider fixing the clamp to buried bolt directly, the design will be simple, and the fixing strength will be higher.
  3. We consider use same steel plate and rail clamp, the fix distance all be 0.6m, the construction will be easier.
  4. The weight of rail clamp will be heavier, so the cost will be higher.
  5. The weight of buffer plate also be heavier, so the cost is raised too. Because the design is different than your drawing, please confirm the stop area of your crane, let’s install the buffer rubber to same stop area.

B. About the installation questions:

  1. The installation cost includes round air tickets and grains. The owner also needs arrange our board and lodging, pick up and return us to airport. We’ll have three persons.
  2. We consider to finishing the work within 7-10 days, when the owner makes the pre-buried bolt well, we will go to install it, they also need help us to carry the heavy goods, like steel rail etc.
  3. Because our design all be same fastener, same distance, the concrete construction will be easy.

C. Regarding the quotation of materials:

Item No.

Description Unit



50 kg/m steel rail, standard GB2585-2007, Material U71Mn, Length 12 meters

m 282.40


50kg rail joint bar with fishbolts, 6 holes




Steel plate, 12x430x160mm, distance 0.6m




Rubber pad, 7x132x160mm




Buried bolt M24x175mm with nut & spring washer




Rail clamp 6a-5 with irregular gasket & press tongue




Buffer plate



  1. Expiry Date: 10 days, the price will be changed by material and exchange rate.
  2. Delivery time: Within 25 days.
  3. Payment Term: T/T 30% in advance, the balance against the copy of B/L at sight.
  4. Installation cost xxx USD, 3 persons. Includes visa, round air tickets, subsidy, not includes concrete pre-buried bolt work.
  5. Accord to the attached material, design drawing and photos.

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