How to supply BS90A steel rail to traditional Commonwealth countries?

BS90A steel rail is British standard rail, now belong to EN13674-4 standard named 45E1, most traditional commonwealth countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would like to use it.
This rail should belong to light steel rail, normally only can be used for mining railroad line, even industrial cargo railroad, should use more than 50 kg/m rail, but they also use it for state railway rail. Such as Sri Lanka, always express this tender, they also choose 350HT heat treatment rail for railway, before we felt it is not necessary for this light rail, but with higher hardness, can be used more long time. Bangladesh some time use this rail for metro, Pakistan uses it for industrial railroad. They would like to use the payment term of 100% letter of credit and send third party to inspect the goods.

Last time we sold 500 tons BS90A to Pakistani client, they gave us 100% L/C request 90 days to finish the shipment and send Lloyd’s register to inspect the goods before shipment. We did it as their requirement then received their agreement (see attachment) to transport the goods to Tianjin port within 60 days, because we need transport it by bulk cargo, the goods only stay in Tianjin near 30 days. Any experienced person knew that the shipment of bulk cargo is very free, even you are very urgent, you must wait for them, before the validity period of L/C 3 days, they began to load the goods on board, because the shipment time just be loading time, so we just had shipped the goods within the period of validity. How nervous we were! If it was not shipped in the period, we had to ask client to modify the shipping time, certainly they were not glad to do it, then we would meet problem.
From Tianjin port to Karachi port will spent more than one month, plus the delay time in client’s port will spend more than two months, normally client worried the goods, they will find reason to refuse our L/C, some company will think the client cheat them and joint the client to blacklist, but we understand client’s opinion, will submit the documents again, this time they will urgent to get the documents to take the goods, will release the payment. But we need spent more cost of interest.
Finally, till client received the goods and understand the quality is very good, they would believe us and glad to cooperate with us again. So we could not only consider anything in our side, we also need understand client’s opinion.

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