How to transport long rail to oversea

Recently there is a lot of user want to build national railway line in spring, the normal length should be over 18 meters, we can produce longest length of 100m, but if transport to foreign country, we need find way to do it.

For Russia, we can transport 12m, 12.5m or 25m by train flatcar to Manzhouli or Suifenhe border, then customer should find way to take it.

For seafreight way, we can transport 30m length to Tianjin port, then transport to target port by the sea freight term of FIO, it means customer should take the goods from vessel themself, normally customer will take the long goods by towboat to their target place. By this way the biggest problem is transport the huge goods on land, we should use special vehicle to transport the 30m length goods, it is very difficult, also the cost is very high. But some times cost is not most important, be able to finish the work is most important.


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