Introduction of Cathode bar machining

Shanghai Yueqi industrial co., ltd located in Baoshan area of Shanghai, China. Near the famous Baosteel Corporation. We were long term supplier of Aluminum Corporation of China (CHINALCO). We began to supply steel materials to China Great Wall Aluminum Corporation since the year of 1986, we had supplied steel products to them to build a lot of aluminum plant in China.

Since they became to CHINALCO, the business began to growth up fast, we began to register our company in Shanghai since the year of 2011, and began to sell other steel products together. But Chinalco also be our major client. We had supplied conductor bar to their project of Peru and Guinea before.

For this cathode conductor bar, we want to produce the required cathode flat steel in our cooperated manufacturer, please refer their production and material test certificate:

Please refer the material test certificate of SAE 1006:

For C10100 cathode copper bar, we want to buy raw material to produce it in a cooperated mill, please refer the pictures and MTC of cathode copper:

We’ll make hole or groove in machining factory and assemble it here, then package it well and load to container in the factory then deliver to Qingdao port.

Please check our processing capabilities: 

If you want to do this business, please book the raw material as quickly as possible, since we quote price for you till now, the price of copper has been raised near 5000 CNY/T, please refer the copper price tender chart:


Remark: Description of C10100 (Cu-OFE) :

C10100 (Cu-OFE) is a type of high-purity copper with a minimum copper content of 99.99%. This type of copper offers the advantages of both Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper (ETP) and Phosphor deoxidized Copper.
One of the significant advantages of Cu-OFE is that it does not contain any deoxidizers, which accounts for its exceptional electrical conductivity of 100% IACS. Furthermore, Cu-OFE is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement, a phenomenon in which hydrogen atoms diffuse into the metal, causing it to become brittle and fracture under stress.
Another advantage of Cu-OFE is its superior formability. Due to the absence of oxides in its structure, Cu-OFE is capable of withstanding extra deep drawing and severe forming. Cu-OFE is particularly favored for critical electrical applications because of its exceptional electrical and mechanical properties.
Overall, Cu-OFE is a versatile material that offers exceptional electrical conductivity, superior formability, and high durability. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for industries that require high-performance components and critical applications.


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