107 DIN5901 standard rail

  • S41 rail

    $690.00 $660.00
  • 41E1 rail

    $690.00 $660.00
  • S33 rail

    $690.00 $660.00
  • S49/S18/S24/S30 rail joint bar

    Grade: 55Q
    Length: 620mm or 800mm
    Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Yueqi
    Model Number: DIN 5901 S49/S18/S24/S30 rail fishplate
    Weight: Around 15 kg/pc
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 20-30mm
    Product name 1: S49 rail fishplate
    Product name 2: S30 rail fishplate
    Product name 3: S24 rail fishplate
    Product name 4: S18 rail joint bar
    Usage: Joint steel rail
    Certificate: 3.1 MTC
    Warranty: 12 months
    Applicaiton: For same or different rail joint
    Material: Q235/50Mn
    MOQ: 100 sets
    Supply Ability: 10000 Set/Sets per Week
    Packaging Details: Steel belt tie can be loaded by forklit
    Port: Tianjin port

    $25.00 $23.00
  • S24 steel rail

    S24 steel rail is used for mine transport railroad line, normally we have the stock, material has Q235 or 55Q, length has 6m, 7m, 8m and 10m. Also we can supply the whole workable fasteners.

    $900.00 $850.00
  • S30 steel rail

    S30 steel rail is used for mining railroad to transport ore etc material, normally we have the stock, material has Q235 or 55Q, length has 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m.

    $700.00 $650.00
  • DIN5901 S49 steel rail

    Length: 12 to 30 meters;

    Unit weight: 49.4 kg/m;

    MOQ: 3000 tons

    Delivery term 45 days

    Delivery port: Tianjin port

    Packing: In bundle by bulk cargo

    $750.00 $700.00
  • S18 steel rail

    • Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
    • Grade: Q235
    • Rail Heigth: 90mm
    • Bottom Width: 80mm
    • Web Thickness: 10mm
    • Head Width: 40mm
    • Length: 6-8m
    • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
    • Brand Name: Hangang
    • Model Number: 18kg
    • Type: Light Rail
    • Application: Mining rail
    • Weight: 18.06 kg/m
    • Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
    • Bolt Hole Diameter: 19mm
    $950.00 $880.00
  • S49 steel rail

    Standard: BS, DIN, EN 13674-1
    Grade: 900A/1100
    Rail Heigth: 149mm
    Bottom Width: 125mm
    Web Thickness: 14mm
    Head Width: 67mm
    Length: 12-30m
    Model Number: DIN S49/49E1
    Type: Heavy Rail
    Application: Railway Rail
    Weight: 49.39kg/m
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 30mm
    EN name: 49E1
    DIN name: S49
    Mass per metre: 49.39 kg/m
    Flange height at edge: 11mm
    Flange height at center: 30.2mm
    Height of head: 51.5mm
    Cross-sectional area: 69.77 cm2
    Section modulus – Head: 278.7 cm3
    Section modulus – Base: 311.2 cm3
    $750.00 $700.00
  • S30_ASCE60_JIS30A railroad steel rail

    30kg_S30_ASCE60_JIS 30A railroad steel rail is widely used for mining transportion railroad line, we can supply the whole matched fasteners.

    $680.00 $650.00
  • 24kg/m rail track

    Standard: GB, Chinese YB2222-63
    Grade: Q235/55Q
    Rail Heigth: 107mm
    Bottom Width: 92mm
    Web Thickness: 10.9mm
    Head Width: 51mm
    Length: 6m/8m/10m
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Hangang
    Model Number: 24kg/m
    Type: Light Rail
    Application: Railway Rail
    Weight: 24.46kg/m
    Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 22mm
    Product name: 24kg/m lignt iron rail
    Usage: Mining car running rail
    Certificate: 3.1 MTC
    Material: Q235B/55Q
    Key words: light rail
    Other name: Mining rail
    Flange height of center: 17mm
    Height of head: 32mm
    Market: Developing countries
    Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per Day
    Packaging Details: Bundle in container
    Port: Tianjin port

    $900.00 $850.00
  • 18kg/m steel rail

    18 kg/m light steel rail is widely used for mine transport railroad line, we alway have stock, can deliver it timely, also can supply the whole workable fasteners.

    $900.00 $850.00
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