60AT2 High Speed Turnout Rail

$1,200.00 $800.00

Standard: DIN, GB
Grade: U75V
Rail Heigth: 142mm
Bottom Width: 150mm
Web Thickness: 32.5mm
Head Width: 72mm
Length: 12m/1.25m/25m
Application: Turnout switch, Curved rail
Weight: 70.01 kg/m
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Bolt Hole Diameter: Non
Name: 60AT2 High Speed Turnout Rail
Certificate: CE 3.1/3.2
Service: Customizable
Market: Overseas
Warranty: 5 years plus
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  • Exportable international standard flat bottom rail
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60AT2 High Speed Turnout Rail

It is used to support the centrifugal force of curve railroad, so as to avoid the high press to make it break.

The material as below:

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