BS75A steel rail

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Standard: BS
Grade: 900A
Rail Heigth: 128.6mm
Bottom Width: 114.3mm
Web Thickness: 12.7mm
Head Width: 61.9mm
Length: 12-25m
Model Number: BS75A
Type: Heavy Rail
Application: Railway Rail
Weight: 37.46 kg/m
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Bolt Hole Diameter: 22mm
Head width at top: 61.9mm
Head width at base: 63.75mm
Head height: 30.5mm
Flange thickness at edge: 8.3mm
Flange thickness at center: 15.48mm
Usage: Railway line
Certificate: 3.1 MTC and EN10204 by Lloyd’s regiester
Product name: Hot rolled BS11 steel rail
Material: UIC860V: 900A
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BS 75A steel rail is used for British standard flat bottom rail, we can produce it by order, the MOQ should be 400 tons.

Specification: BS75A, BS90A, BS100A
Standard: BS11-1985
Material: 700/900A
Length: 12-25m

BS 75A steel rail

Rail Type Rail Height Flange Width Head Width at Top Head Width at Base Head Height Web Thickness Flange Thickness at Edge Flange Thickness at Center Weight (per meter)
BS 75A rail 128.6 114.3 61.9 63.75 30.5 12.7 8.3 15.48 37.46
BS 90A rail 142.9 127 66.7 68.83 33.5 13.9 9.1 17.07 45.1
BS 100A rail 152.4 133.35 69.85 72.14 35.81 15.08 9.52 16.27 50.18

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