Contact rail

$880.00 $800.00

Head width: 80mm
Height: 118mm
Bottom: 90mm
Web thickness: 20mm
Length: 6m or 12.5m
Material: Q195 or SAE 1006
Resistivity value at +15°C: Less than 0.125 MKОм·м (Ом·мм2/м).

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Contact rail also be named Third rail, it is used for subway power supply, request the resistivity value at +15°C can’ t over 0.125 MKОм·м (Ом·мм2/м).

Length 6m or 12.5m.

1. Rails are made with a length of 12.5 m. Limit deviations along the length of the rails shall not exceed ± 30 mm.

2. The cross-sectional Area of the rail calculated from the nominal dimensions is 65.84 cm2.

3. The Theoretical linear mass of 1 m of the rail is 51.69 kg with a steel density of 7850 kg/m3.

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