Steel deformed bar rebar for Prestressed Concrete construction

Steel deformed bar rebar for Prestressed Concrete construction

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We always have stock of Steel Bar for Prestressed Concrete (PC steel), Steel deformed bar, Steel deformed bar, Hard wire rod and Weldable wire steel, also can produce special dimension and material by order. Please feel free to contact us to ask the details.

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Steel deformed bar rebar just be hot rolled ribbed bar, also be named screw thread steel. The grade includes HRB and minimum yield strength. H means Hotrolled, R means Ribbed, B means Bar.

Hot rolled ribbed steel bar includes three brands of Grade two HRB335 (the old brand name is 20MnSi), Grade three HRB400 (the old brand name is 20MnSiV, 20MnSinB, 20MnTi) and Grade four HRB500.

The general principle of rebar is based on meeting the designed hold performance requirements, and meet the required mechanical process performance and mechanical strength index.

The kinds of products as below:

Item No. Description Material Diameter
1 Steel Bar for Prestressed Concrete (PC steel) 30MnSi, 35Si2Mn, 45Si2Cr Dia. 8-14mm
2 Steel deformed bar HRB400 Dia. 8-12mm
3 Steel deformed bar Q195, Q195L, Q215B, Q235B, HPB300 Dia. 8-12mm
4 Hard wire rod 45#(42A/52A/62A/72A/72B)-70#(75#/85#) hard wire rod Dia. 6.5-14mm
5 Weldable wire ER70S-6 Dia. 5.5, 6.5mm

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