Rail Р-24 GOST 6368-82 instruction

Rail P-24 is a type of Russian standard steel rail used in railway tracks. It is classified under GOST 6368-82 and has a weight of 24 kg/meter. The rail profile is characterized by a height of 107 mm, a base width of 92 mm, and a head width of 51 mm. Rail P-24 is commonly used in lighter weight railway lines where the train loads are not too heavy.

The specification of Rail P-24 according to GOST 6368-82 is as follows:

1. The rail has an overall length of 6/8/10 meters.
2. The rail profile has a height of 107 mm, a base width of 92 mm, and a head width of 51 mm.
3. The rail has a weight of 24 kg/meter.
4. The rail is made of carbon steel with a minimum tensile strength of 375-460 N/mm2 or 685min N/mm2.
5. The rail is designed to withstand a rolling load of up to 300 kN and a static axle load of up to 230 kN.
6. The rail has a minimum yield strength of 235 N/mm2, a minimum elongation of 24%, and a minimum impact energy of 25 J.

These specifications ensure that Rail P-24 meets the standard requirements for durability, strength, and stability necessary for use in railway tracks.

Rail P-24 is a type of rail that is commonly used in light-duty railway tracks in some countries, particularly in Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet Republics.

It is often used in narrow gauge railways, such as industrial and agricultural railways, as well as in small-scale transportation systems like mining railways, tramways, and funiculars.

Rail P-24 is not typically used in heavy-duty mainline railways because it may not have the necessary strength and durability to withstand the high loads and heavy traffic encountered in these types of railways.

Rail P-24 is commonly used in several countries, particularly in Russia and other former Soviet Republics, such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

It may also be used in a few other countries that use equipment and technologies developed by the former Soviet Union, or in countries that have imported rail equipment from these countries. However, it is not commonly used in other parts of the world.

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