Submit EN10204 3.1/3.2 certificate together with our steel rails

If you want to buy large quantity of our steel rail, you will worry about the duty, you will consider how to get good quality goods then pay for the payment, normally should use the payment term of L/C and send third party inspection company to inspect our steel rails. If we submit the EN10204 3.1/3.2 certificate and shipment documents to your bank, your bank will inform you to check the documents, then release the payment to us. By this way, you don’t have any risk.
Normally we should submit below documents to your bank:
1- Bill of lading (B/L)
2- Commercial invoice (legalized from China chamber of commerce)
3- Certificate of original (CO) or others
4- Packing list
5- Quality certificate /mill certificate (EN10204 3.1)
6- Insurance policy
7- EN10204 3.2 certificate
If you need EN10204 3.2 certificate, it means that should send third party go to our factory to inspect the quality and quantity of rails, this should spend a lot of charge, should consider spend how many days, and use which third party company, normally should be SGS, Lloyd’s register or BV company. Different company has different rule, should confirm with them in advance.
The inspection content includes mechanical properties and chemical components, the process is very complex. Please refer the below pictures that we did before:

Finally will get the inspection certificate of EN10204 3.2, and they will sign and stamp on our Material Test Certificate (EN10204 3.1) to approve our test result. Please refer the EN10204 3.2 and stamped MTC 3.1:

If you want to purchase railway steel rails, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected].

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