Rubber pad and weldable rail clamp for crane rail

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HS: 8547909000   Rubber pad, 8*200*12000mm
HS: 8608009000   Double weldable rail clamp, Distance 0.5m or 0.6m

Standard: DIN, GB
Length: 12m
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Brand Name: YUEQI
Application: Reduce impact and noise for Crane running
Name: rubber cushion pad, single weldable rail clamp, double weldable rail clamp
Other name: rubber pad for crane rail, weldable rail clamp
Certificate: MTC 3.1
Usage: anti vibration rubber pad
Market: Overseas
Dimension: 7 x width of rail x 12000 mm
Color: Black
Warranty: One year
Supply Ability: 100 Ton per Week
Packaging Details: LCL or full container
Port: Tianjin port, Qingdao port.

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Rubber pad is used for reducing impact and noise of crane running, the thickness is 7mm and 8mm, width is same as rail bottow or less than 5mm, length 12m. We can produce different dimension by order.

Weldable rail clamp has single fixing bolts and double fixing bolts rail clamp, it will be decided by the unit weight of crane rail, the distance can be 0.6m or 0.5m, it is decided by the loading weight of crane.

We can supply the fasteners, design and install the crane rail.

8547909000   Rubber pad, 8*200*12000mm
8608009000   Double weldable rail clamp, Distance 0.5/0.6m


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