NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR THE QUALITY OF STEEL RAILS Abstract Rails are an important part of the railway infrastructure. Quality of rails have directly affect the functionality of the railway traffic. Increasing speed of trains, high frequency of traffic and axle load wagons and locomotives is directly related to the quality of rails. The characteristic quality tracks are prescribed standards of the International Union Railway (published UIC and EN 13674). In order to increase the competitiveness of rail transport compared to other forms [...]

The difference of P50 and R50 rail

P50 is Chinese standard (GB) rail, R50 is Russian standard (GOST) rail, they are similar rail, but has a little different. Please check and compare both of the drawing: Normally we only have stock of P50 rail, if you need R50 rail, we need make the roller to produce it, the MOQ should more than 3000 tons. Please refer some requirement of P50: Requested is 3000 Tone Rails for Metro. Type:  R-50; should be made at least 2018 yr. all quantities should be made with one [...]

EN 15085 Railway locomotive welding certification advisory service

We have been commissioned by Lloyd’s industrial technical services limited to provide the EN 15085 railway locomotive welding certification service. If you need it, please contact us. This is widely used in railway rail track welding for express railroad and train etc. EN 15085 Certification for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (CWRVC) EN15085 certification is a welding certification system mark for rail vehicles and vehicle components and is widely used in the rail transit industry, such steel rail welding [...]

All kinds of steel rails that we can supply

We can supply most of international standard rails, the terms as below: For Chinese steel rail, we always have stock, for other standard railway rail, sometime we have little stock. If the quantity is not enough, and we have the roller, we need produce it by order, the MOQ should more than 400 tons. If we don’t have the roller, we can make the roller to produce it, the MOQ should more than 3000 tons, also the cost will be higher. If the [...]

How to transport long rail to oversea

Recently there is a lot of user want to build national railway line in spring, the normal length should be over 18 meters, we can produce longest length of 100m, but if transport to foreign country, we need find way to do it. For Russia, we can transport 12m, 12.5m or 25m by train flatcar to Manzhouli or Suifenhe border, then customer should find way to take it. For seafreight way, we can transport 30m length to Tianjin port, then transport [...]

Different international type of steel rails for different country

Different international type of steel rails for different country that we can produce by order: European standard type of rails for Europe and Independent Commonwealth Countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia etc.: BS75A, BS90A, BS100A, 50E2, UIC54 (54E1), UIC60 (60E1), 60E2. American standard type of rails for South America etc.: ASCE 25, ASCE30, ASCE60, TR-45 (90ARA-A), TR-50 (100RE), TR-57 (115RE), TR-68 (136RE), MRS 87B (CR175). JIS standard rail for Southeast countries: JIS22, JIS30A. Crane rails, Chinese standard crane rails are QU70/QU80/QU100/QU120, they are same as [...]

High-speed train is major transportation in China

    China Railway High-Speed (CRH) is the major traffic tool in China, the highest speed is 350 km/h, it is not restricted by other severe weather except typhoon. On the CRH you can work on internet, talk with your familiars by video or have a nap, the condition is very comfortable. China mainland have long distance from one city to other city, the CRH joint most of the cities to reduce the time distance, Chinese can’t leave CRH now. Besides, Asia and Europe [...]

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