How to sell crane rail to Turkey customer

We talked this business very long time, but customer delayed and delayed over two years, till the year of 2020, they still want to visit us, then will begin to do the business. Just met the COVID-19, they have to begin to do it without visiting. But send third party company to inspect our company, then began to pay for the prepayment. They are very cagey buyer. Through third party they knew the scale of our company: we are located [...]

ASTM Grade 1006 low carbon steel cothode collector bar for Electrolytic Aluminium workshop

Here we introduce ASTM Grade 1006 low carbon steel cothode collector bar for Electrolytic Aluminium workshop producing and inspection requirement. If you are interested in it, please write email to The steel collector bars have a square cross-section with round copper insert. The quality of steel and copper insert, their dimensions and its fitting in the finished collector bar should be as below and in accordance with the drawing: Physical: 1.1    Steel collector bar tolerance: Length (mm)  0 / +10 Width (mm)  -2~+2 Height [...]

Cathode collector bar of Electrolytic Aluminum machining

To produce cathode collector bar of electrolytic aluminum is a strict process, because the electrowinning system is heavy DC current, the electroconductivity will decide the cost of Aluminum, so it must have very good electroconductivity, to save power consumption and raise the electrolytic efficiency. The request specification as below: The cathode bar should be very low carbon steel, because low carbon steel has good electroconductibility. Normally the content of carbon should less than 0.06%, the material named SAE 1006, the [...]

What kind of steel rail can you supply? Why you choose us?

What kind of steel rail can you supply? Why you choose us? We were long term steel supplier of Aluminum Corporation of China (Chinalco), we had cooperated more than 30 years, and help them construct a lot of Aluminum melting plant in domestic and other countries. We also be comprehensive enterprise of steel products on the trading, machining and transportation in Shanghai area. For the development of “Belt & Road”, we began to export steel products to international market, we recommend our [...]

How to do the business of steel rail by T/T with us

We can accept the payment term of T/T or L/C as client’s requirement, for bigger business or some countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, they would like to use L/C. For little business, client would like to pay for us by T/T, T/T is easy to be operated, and can save the operation cost. Here we introduce the detailed operation process of T/T as below: You give us the detailed information of buyer’s company (your company), we make Proforma Invoice for you. You [...]

QU70/QU80 Crane rail Installation procedure For Crane Running at Harbors and Wharfs

QU70/QU80 Crane rail Installation procedure For Crane Running at Harbors and Wharfs. Normally Crane rail can’t be welded on bottom structure directly, because the material is high manganese steel, it is difficult to be welded, plus the Expansion and Contraction, so it needs to be fixed by the special rail fastener. If we supply the material and do the installation work, the operation procedure as below: Buy the material: Pay for us 30% prepayment to produce the goods, then transport to seaport and [...]

How to design and install the crane rail for crane running

We are not only supply crane rail and fasteners, but also supply the design and installation service. If you have this requirement, please write email to tell us your detailed requirement: Please refer the example that we talked an Italian project that work in Vietnam: This is a 70.6m x 4 crane rail line, Italian customer will install the crane in Vietnam, they found us to do the crane rail project, we can save a lot of charge the themselves. At [...]


NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR THE QUALITY OF STEEL RAILS Abstract Rails are an important part of the railway infrastructure. Quality of rails have direct affect for the functionality of railway traffic. Increasing speed of trains, high frequency of traffic and axle load wagons and locomotives is directly related to the quality of rails. The characteristic quality tracks are prescribed standards of the International Union Railway (published UIC and EN 13674). In order to increase the competitiveness of rail transport compared to other forms [...]

The difference of P50 and R50 rail

P50 is Chinese standard (GB) rail, R50 is Russian standard (GOST) rail, they are similar rail, but has a little different. Please check and compare both of the drawing: Normally we only have stock of P50 rail, if you need R50 rail, we need make the roller to produce it, the MOQ should more than 3000 tons. Please refer some requirement of P50: Requested is 3000 Tone Rails for Metro. Type:  R-50; should be made at least 2018 yr. all quantities should be made with one [...]

EN 15085 Railway locomotive welding certification advisory service

We have been commissioned by Lloyd’s industrial technical services limited to provide the EN 15085 railway locomotive welding certification service. If you need it, please contact us. This is widely used in railway rail track welding for express railroad and train etc. EN 15085 Certification for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (CWRVC) EN15085 certification is a welding certification system mark for rail vehicles and vehicle components and is widely used in the rail transit industry, such steel rail welding [...]

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