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  • 12 kg light iron rail

    Standard: GB

    Grade: Q235B

    Rail Height: 70mm

    Bottom Width: 70mm

    Web Thickness: 7.54mm

    Head Width: 38.1mm

    Length: 6m


    Material: Q235

    Type: Light Rail

    Application: Mine railroad line

    Weight: 12.2kg/m

    Bolt Hole Diameter: 16mm

    Name: 12 kg/m Chinese standard light iron rail

    Product name: 12kg/m light steel rail

    Usage: Small train railroad line etc.

    Certificate: 3.1 MTC

    Kinds: Mineral metallurgy

    Warranty: 12 months

    Market: Developing countries

    Supply Ability: 3000 Ton/Tons per Day

    Packaging Details: In bundle to container

    Sea port: Tianjin port

    $700.00 $650.00
  • ASCE 30 steel rail

    Standard: ASTM, GB, ASTM A1
    Grade: Q235/55Q
    Rail Heigth: 79mm
    Bottom Width: 79mm
    Web Thickness: 8.33mm
    Head Width: 42.86mm
    Length: 6m/8m
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Hangang
    Model Number: ASCE30
    Type: Light Rail
    Application: Railway Rail
    Weight: 15.2kg/m
    Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 20mm
    Product name: 15kg/m light steel rail
    Usage: Mine car running rail
    Certificate: 3.1 MTC/ISO9001:2008
    Material: Q235B/55Q
    Key words: light rail
    Other name: Mining rail

    $700.00 $660.00
  • S18 light steel rail

    • Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
    • Grade: Q235
    • Rail Heigth: 90mm
    • Bottom Width: 80mm
    • Web Thickness: 10mm
    • Head Width: 40mm
    • Length: 6-8m
    • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
    • Brand Name: Hangang
    • Model Number: 18kg
    • Type: Light Rail
    • Application: Mining rail
    • Weight: 18.06 kg/m
    • Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
    • Bolt Hole Diameter: 19mm
    $750.00 $680.00
  • EN13674-4 45E1 rail

    Standard: BS
    Grade: 900A/1100
    Rail Heigth: 142.88mm
    Bottom Width: 127mm
    Web Thickness: 13.89mm
    Head Width: 66.67mm
    Length: 12-36m
    Model Number: BS90A
    Type: 45E1 rail
    Application: Railway Rail
    Weight: 45.1 kg/m
    New type: EN13674-4 45E1 900A steel rail
    BS type: BS11-1985 Standard BS90A steel rail
    Material: UIC860V 900A/1100
    Certificate: Certificate 3.1 & 3.2 by Lloyd’s regiester
    Other name: 45E1 steel rail
    Producing standard: UIC860V
    Steel grade: R260/R320/350HT
    Steel number of EN10027-2: 1.0521
    Steel number of EN10027-2: 1.0524

    Delivery term: 30 days

    Delivery port: Tianjin port

    Payment term: T/T, L/C

    $750.00 $700.00
  • KP120 Crane rail

    Standard: DIN, GB
    Grade: U71Mn
    Rail Heigth: 170mm
    Bottom Width: 170mm
    Web Thickness: 44mm
    Head Width: 120mm
    Length: 12m
    Place of Origin: Inner Mongolia, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Baogang
    Model Number: KP120
    Weight: 118.1kg/m
    Bolt Hole Diameter: non
    Usage: For crane running
    Certificate: 3.1 MTC/3.2 Any third party inspection
    Name: KP120 crane rail
    Market: Developing countries

    $780.00 $720.00
  • CR 175 crane rail

    Standard: ASTM
    Grade: 900A etc
    Rail Heigth: 152.4mm
    Bottom Width: 52.4mm
    Web Thickness: 38.1mm
    Head Width: 102.4mm
    Length: 12m
    Model Number: MRS 87B (CR 175)
    Application: Crane Rail
    Weight: 86.8 kg/m
    Certificate: 3.1 MTC
    Warranty: 12 months
    $850.00 $800.00
  • 15 kg/m steel rail

    15 kg/m light steel rail is widely used for mine transport railroad line, we always have this stock, can deliver it timely, also can supply the whole matched fasteners.

  • ASCE 60 steel rail

    Standard: ASTM, BS, GB, JIS
    Grade: Q235B/55Q
    Rail Heigth: 108mm
    Bottom Width: 108mm
    Web Thickness: 12.3mm
    Head Width: 60.33mm
    Length: 6m/8m/10m
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Hangang
    Model Number: S30/ASCE60/JIS30A
    Type: Light Rail
    Application: Railway Rail
    Weight: 30.1kg/m
    Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 24mm
    Name: S30/ASCE60/JIS30A America standard light steel rail
    Product name: 30kg/m lignt steel rail
    Other name: Mining rail
    Flange height of center: 19.45mm
    Height of head: 30.95mm
    Market: Developing countries
    Usage: Mine car running rail
    Certificate: ISO9001:2008
    Property: S30/ASCE60/JIS30A America standard light steel rail
    MOQ: 20 Ton/Tons 

    $700.00 $660.00
  • JIS 22kg railroad light rail

    • Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, GB, JIS
    • Grade: Q235/55Q
    • Rail Heigth: 93.66mm
    • Bottom Width: 93.66mm
    • Web Thickness: 10.72mm
    • Head Width: 50.8mm
    • Length: 8m/10m
    • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
    • Brand Name: hangang
    • Model Number: 22 kg
    • Type: Light Rail
    • Application: industry rail
    • Weight: 22.3 kg/m
    • Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
    • Bolt Hole Diameter: 14mm
    $777.00 $680.00
  • EN13674-1 50E2/50EB-T steel rail

    Standard: BS, DIN, EN 13674-1
    Grade: 900A/1100
    Rail Heigth: 151mm
    Bottom Width: 140mm
    Web Thickness: 15mm
    Head Width: 72mm
    Length: 12-30m
    Model Number: 50E2
    Type: Heavy Rail
    Application: Railway Rail
    Weight: 49.97kg/m
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 30mm
    Product name: 50E2
    DIN name: 50EB-T
    Mass per metre: 49.97 kg/m
    Flange height at edge: 11.13mm
    Flange height at center: 28mm
    Height of head: 44mm
    Cross-sectional area: 69.77 cm2
    Section modulus – Head: 278.7 cm3
    Section modulus – Base: 311.2 cm3
    $750.00 $700.00
  • KP100 Crane rail

    Standard: GOST, GB
    Grade: U71Mn
    Rail Heigth: 150mm
    Bottom Width: 150mm
    Web Thickness: 38mm
    Head Width: 100mm
    Length: 12m
    Model Number: QU100/KP100
    Weight: 88.96kg/m
    Product name: QU100 crane rail
    Usage: For crane running
    Material: U71Mn
    Certificate: 3.1 MTC/3.2 by Any third party inspection
    Other name: KP100 crane rail
    Market: Developing countries

    $800.00 $720.00
  • R65 rail fishplate

    Grade: 50Mn
    Length: 800mm
    Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Yueqi
    Model Number: GOST R65 rail fishplate
    Type: Heavy Rail
    Application: Railway Rail
    Weight: Around 15 -24kg/pc
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 26mm
    Product name 1: GOST P50 fishplate
    Product name 2: GOST P65 fishplate
    Product name 3: GOST P75 fishplate
    Certificate: 3.1 MTC/3.2 CE 10204
    Applicaiton: Joint both end of rail
    Warranty: 12 Months
    HS code: 7302400000
    Supply Ability: 10000 Set/Sets per Week
    Packaging Details: Steel belt tie can be loaded by forklit
    Port: Tianjin port

    $28.00 $26.00
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