Steel collector bar for Aluminum melting plant

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The innovative cathode collector bar should be very low carbon steel, it is ASTM Grade 1006 low carbon steel, because low carbon steel has good electroconductibility. Normally the content of carbon should less than 0.06%, the material named SAE 1006, the chemical components as below:
Carbon ≤0.06%, Silicon ≤0.07%, Manganese ≤0.45%, Phosphorus ≤03%, Sulphur ≤0.04%, Nitrogen ≤0.012%.

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SAE 1006 Cathode plate for Aluminum melting, the low carbon steel has good electrical conductivity. Our product is produced in big steel factory, the quality is very good, we can supply any size products as your requirement, please contact us to talk about the details.

The steel collector bars have a square cross-section with round copper insert. The quality of steel and copper insert, their dimensions and its fitting in the finished collector bar should be as below and in accordance with the drawing:

  1. Physical:
    • Steel collector bar tolerance:

Length (mm)  0 / +10

Width (mm)  -2~+2

Height (mm)  -2~+2

  • Steel collector bar geometrical tolerances
  • Angle defect at cut end less than 5 mm
  • Flatness at cut ends less than 2 mm
  • Angle defect of cross-section less than 3 mm
  • Deflection on the whole bar less than 3 mm

(Laterally and Vertically)

  • Local deflection less than 3 mm per meter

(Laterally and Vertically)

  • Flatness less than 3 mm

(Transversally and vertically)

  • Twist less than 3 mm per meter
  • Round off 4-15 mm
    • Steel collector bar surface condition
  • Lateral surfaces: Free or metal pickup and cracks deeper than 3 mm
  • Surface roughness not projecting by more than 1 mm
  • Cut by saw (Cutting with shears or oxyacetylene torch are prohibited unless followed by grinding). Cuts must not present manufacturing defects (Necessitating a supplementary grinding).
  • No painting on the bar ends.
  1. Physicochemical characteristics
    • Composition of collector bar steel (Gravimetrical analysis)

The cathode bar application requires a ferrous metal with a relatively low electrical resistivity and a good weldability (For example 1020 Grade or ASTM A29/A29 M-99) and following composition requirement:

Carbon: ≤0.06%

Silicon: ≤0.07%

Manganese: ≤0.45%

Phosphorus: ≤0.03%

Sulphur: ≤0.04%

Nitrogen ≤0.012%.

The steel supplier must supply to the client its proposal with typical steel composition range expected for the following chemical elements: Al, C, Cr, Cu, Si, Mn, Ni, S, P & N

  1. Cathode bar inspection

Acceptance of cathode bars takes place in the supplier’s premises and includes:

  • A check of the quality control results of the supplier, and especially a check of the analysis certificates guaranteeing that the quality of the bar steel meets the requirements of the specification
  • A check of bar dimensions are aspect.

As regards inspection procedures, the word “LOT” means “LOT of material to be inspected”, i.e. All the cathode bars, out of which a sample will be taken to check for compliance with the acceptance criteria.

The cathode bards in a given LOT must be manufactured according to the same process and with the same quality of steel.

NB: When there is no acceptance on site, all the supplier control results must be sent to the lient purchasing department before shipping for acceptance.

SAE 1006/Q195 Cathode plate for Aluminum melting
Place of Origin:
Inner Mongolia, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
SAE 1006/Q195
Electrolytic aluminium factory Cathode bar
Hot Rolled
Special Use:
Mold Steel
Product Name:
Cathode plate for Aluminum melting
Any required size
Square Bar
SAE 1006/Q195
Hot rolled
Delivery Condition:
Surface treatment:
Curved angle
Quality certificate
SAE 1006/Q195 - Cathode plate for Aluminum melting
Packaging Details
In bundle can be loaded by forklift
Delivery Time
30 days
Supply Ability:
5000 Ton/Tons per Day
Tianjin port

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