Steel billet technology

Recommend GB2585 P60 steel rail for high-speed railway construction

GB2585 P60 steel rail is a type of steel rail in Chinese standards, with specific parameters as follows: *Total length: 12.5 meters or 25 meters, with a maximum length of 60 meters available *Head width: 73 mm *Waist thickness: 16.5mm *Bottom width: 150mm *Full height: 176mm *Unit weight: 60.64 kg/m *Material: U71Mn, U75V, R350HT In the construction of Chinese railways, GB2585 P60 steel rails are widely used in various railway lines, such as high-speed railways, ordinary railways, urban rail transit, etc. P60 steel rail is a type of [...]

SWRH72A steel billet introduction

SWRH72A steel wire rod is an essential material in the manufacturing industry, with a wide range of applications in high-stress steel products. It complies with the standards set by JSG3506-2017 and is recognized for its superior properties, including high carbon content, excellent mechanical properties, and durability. SWRH72A Chemical Element Content (%): Chemical Components C Si Mn P S Max 0.69 0.15 0.3 – – Min 0.76 0.35 0.6 0.03 0.03 SWRH72A steel wire rod has a carbon content ranging from 0.70% to 0.78%, which gives it its unique strength, toughness, and wear resistance. The composition and manufacturing process of [...]

SWRM8 Steel Billet instruction

Steel billets are one of the most commonly used raw materials for manufacturing various steel products. From building materials to automotive parts, steel billets are used in various industries to create durable and robust products. One such type of steel billet is SWRM8, which is widely used in the manufacturing of wire rods due to its exceptional strength, ductility, and versatility. SWRM8 chemical components (%): C Si Mn P S Cu Ni Cr Mo B Ti SWRM8 Min – – – – – – – – – – – Max 0.1 0.49 0.6 0.04 0.04 0.39 0.29 0.29 0.07 0.0007 0.04 SWRM8 is a type of low-carbon steel that contains a specific combination of chemical elements, including [...]

Supply SWRH82B steel billet

SWRH82B is a type of high carbon steel wire rod that boasts outstanding strength, excellent toughness, and good ductility. With a carbon content ranging from 0.78% to 0.88%, it is ideally suited for use in a wide range of applications, including springs, ropes, cables, and other structural components. One of the most impressive features of SWRH82B is its immense strength. Thanks to its high carbon content, its tensile strength ranges from 1270 MPa to 1520 MPa, making it ideal for [...]

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