Compare of GB11264 standard 12 kg/m rail with ASCE25 rail

GB11264 standard 12 kg/m rail is a specific rail standard used in China, while ASCE 25 steel rail is a rail standard used in the United States. Both rails have different specifications and are used in different regions and applications.

The GB11264 standard 12 kg/m rail in China refers to a rail with a weight of 12 kilograms per meter. It is commonly used in light-duty railway systems within China, such as urban transit systems, light railways, or small industrial railway networks. The rail profile and dimensions specified in the GB11264 standard may differ from those of ASCE 25 steel rail.

ASCE 25 steel rail, on the other hand, is utilized in the United States and is part of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) railroad standards. ASCE 25 rail has a weight of 25 pounds per yard (approximately 12.4 kilograms per meter) and is primarily used in light-duty railway applications, as mentioned before.

While both rails share a similar weight of approximately 12 kilograms per meter, it is important to note that the GB11264 standard 12 kg/m rail and ASCE 25 steel rail differ in terms of their specific dimensions, profiles, and regional applicabilities. Rail selection should always align with the respective country’s standards and requirements for safe and efficient railway operations.

ASCE 25 steel rail is primarily used in light-duty railway applications, including:

1. Industrial Lines: ASCE 25 rail may be employed in industrial settings for the transportation of goods within factories, warehouses, or industrial complexes. It provides a cost-effective solution for low-traffic tracks that support lighter loads.

2. Mining Tracks: This type of rail can be used in mining operations where there is a need for temporary or portable track installations. ASCE 25 rail is suitable for light-duty hauling and transportation of materials within mining sites.

3. Light Railway Systems: ASCE 25 rail can be utilized in light railway systems, such as tramways, heritage railways, amusement park railways, and other small-scale transportation networks. These systems often operate at lower speeds and carry lighter loads, making ASCE 25 rail a suitable choice.

4. Temporary Installations: ASCE 25 rail can be employed for temporary track installations, such as construction sites, event venues, or temporary railway lines. Its relatively light weight and ease of installation make it convenient for temporary transportation needs.

It is important to note that ASCE 25 rail may not be suitable for heavy-duty or high-speed railway applications due to its lower load-bearing capacity and lighter weight compared to heavier rail types. Rail selection should always consider factors such as axle loads, train speeds, and the specific requirements of the intended application.

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Type of rail

Height (mm) Bottom width (mm) Head width (mm) Middle thickness (mm) Length (m) Weight (kg/m)


8 65 54 25 7 6 8.42 YB2222
18 90 80 40 10 6 & 8 18.06
24 107 92 51 10.9 6 & 8 24.46
9 63.5 63.5 32.1 5.9 6 8.94 GB11264
12 70 70 38.1 7.54 6 12.2
15 79 79 42.86 8.33 6 & 8 15.2
22 93.66 93.66 50.8 10.72 8 & 10 22.3
30 108 108 60.33 12.3 8 & 10 30.1

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