SWRH72A steel billet introduction

SWRH72A steel wire rod is an essential material in the manufacturing industry, with a wide range of applications in high-stress steel products. It complies with the standards set by JSG3506-2017 and is recognized for its superior properties, including high carbon content, excellent mechanical properties, and durability.

SWRH72A Chemical Element Content (%):

Chemical Components

C Si Mn P S


0.69 0.15 0.3

Min 0.76 0.35 0.6 0.03


SWRH72A steel wire rod has a carbon content ranging from 0.70% to 0.78%, which gives it its unique strength, toughness, and wear resistance. The composition and manufacturing process of the wire rod are carefully controlled to ensure the material’s properties meet the requirements of various applications.

One of the most common applications of SWRH72A steel wire rod is in the manufacturing of steel wires. High-carbon steel wires are widely used in the production of fasteners, such as springs, screws, and nails, that require high strength and durability. The wire is also a popular choice in the automotive industry for manufacturing seat frames, suspension systems, and other components that require high tensile strength.

Oil-tempered steel wires are another application of SWRH72A steel wire rods, which are used in the production of springs. The high carbon content ensures that the oil-tempered wire has excellent fatigue resistance, making it ideal for use in heavy-duty applications such as suspension springs for trucks and buses.

SWRH72A steel wire rod is also used in the manufacturing of prestressed concrete structures, such as bridges, buildings, and highways. The high strength of the wire makes it an ideal reinforcement material for such structures. Galvanized steel wire ropes and cables require high tensile strength and durability, and SWRH72A steel wire rod is a favored choice for manufacturing these products.

While SWRH72A steel wire rod has many advantages, it also has some limitations. Its high carbon content makes the wire brittle, and its properties degrade over time when subjected to high temperatures. However, these limitations are carefully managed during the manufacturing process to produce high-quality wire rods.

In conclusion, SWRH72A steel wire rod is a crucial material used in various industries, from construction to automotive. Its superior mechanical and physical properties make it suitable for high-stress applications, including the production of high-quality fasteners, oil-tempered wires, prestressed concrete structures, and galvanized steel wire ropes. Its limitations are carefully managed during the manufacturing process, ensuring that high-quality wire rods are produced that meet the standards set by JSG3506-2017.

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