Australia BHP RT STD 68kg BHP AS68 rail

$850.00 $800.00

Standard: Australia BHP RT STD 68kg BHP railway steel rail
Grade: 900A
Rail Heigth: 185.7mm
Bottom Width: 152.4mm
Web Thickness: 17.4mm
Head Width: 74.6mm
Length: 12-30m
Model Number: AS68
Type: Heavy Rail
Application: Railway Rail
Weight: 67.6 kg/m
Name: AS68 Australia standard rail
Certificate: 3.1 MTC/3.2 by Lloyd’s regiester inspection
Market: Oceania
Usage: Railway rail line
Property: Heavy Rail
Warranty: 12 months
MOQ: 500 tons
HS CODE: 73021000
Material: R260/R350HT
Package: In bundle
Supply Ability: 4500 Ton/Tons per Day
Packaging Details: In Bundle by bulk cargo
Port: Tianjin port
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  • Exportable flat bottom rail
  • Matched rail fasteners
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AS68 Australia standard railway steel rail is used for Australia freight railway line, we can produce it by order, the MOQ should more than 400 tons, hardness and length as your requirement.

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