EN13674-1 50E2/50EB-T steel rail

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Standard: BS, DIN, EN 13674-1
Grade: 900A/1100
Rail Heigth: 151mm
Bottom Width: 140mm
Web Thickness: 15mm
Head Width: 72mm
Length: 12-30m
Model Number: 50E2
Type: Heavy Rail
Application: Railway Rail
Weight: 49.97kg/m
Bolt Hole Diameter: 30mm
Product name: 50E2
DIN name: 50EB-T
Mass per metre: 49.97 kg/m
Flange height at edge: 11.13mm
Flange height at center: 28mm
Height of head: 44mm
Cross-sectional area: 69.77 cm2
Section modulus – Head: 278.7 cm3
Section modulus – Base: 311.2 cm3
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50E2/50EB-T steel rail is used for railway line, we can produce it by order, the MOQ is 500 tons, length and hardness as your requirement.

Specification: 50E2/50EB-T steel rail
Standard: EN 13674-1
Material: 900A/R1100
Length: 12-36m

We can produce mass common international standard rail steel products, if the quantity is not too much, sometime we can supply the stock, please contact us to confirm it.

We can specially produce it for you if the quantity more than 400 tons, also can make roller to produce special type of steel rails if the quantity more than 3000 tons. We can produce any length and hardness as your request.

We can design railroad line as your requirement, also can build small mining railroad line and crane moving line, and supply the all workable fasteners.

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