GHDG-800 Fixed Flash Butt Rail & Turnout Welding Machine instruction

GHDG-800 fixed flash butt rail & turnout welding machine is equipped with a high DC power supply. It is designed for use in fixed plants to weld short rails of 500 meters or more, as well as turnouts to rails (such as high-manganese steel frogs) and large alloy parts. This versatile welding machine can weld any type of rails and frogs, ensuring accurate alignment and preventing rail slippage during the upset forging process. It also provides stable and uniform power supply performance. The GHDG-800 can be configured for continuous welding, pulsation welding, and preheating welding processes.

Part A: Basic Information
The machine consists of various components including a water-cooling system, hydraulic system, welding main circuit, electrical control system, welding head, software system, and other parts.

Part B: Scope of Application
This welding machine is primarily used for flash butt welding of large profiles, especially for welding turnouts and rails.

Part C: How It Works
The welding machine features four independent clamping devices that accurately hold irregularly shaped workpieces in a horizontal position. It also has a centering function to adjust the relative position of the workpieces for precise butt welding. During welding, a strong DC current is supplied through the clamping electrode to reduce welding resistance. Once the welding surface reaches the required temperature, upsetting is performed to complete the welding process. The upsetting mechanism ensures even distribution of forging pressure for precise welding.

Part D: Welding Range
The GHDG-800 is capable of welding turnouts and rails that comply with national standards in China, the European Union, Russia, the United States, and other countries. This includes various combinations such as rails and rails, and rails and turnout frogs with austenitic or high-manganese steel spacers. The machine can weld cross sections up to 16,000 mm2 with a tensile strength of 800-1300 N/mm2. The welding efficiency can reach a maximum of 20 joints per hour.

Part E: Technical Parameters
E.1 Power Requirements
– Power Supply Voltage: 400±15V
– Number of Power Supply Phases: 3
– Power Supply Frequency: 50Hz

E.2 Transformer
– Transformer Capacity: 630 KVA
– Maximum Voltage Drop: 10%

E.3 Main Electrical Parameters of Welding Machine
– Transformer Rated Primary Voltage: 400V
– Phases of Primary Voltage: 3
– Frequency of Primary Voltage: 50Hz
– Auxiliary Voltage: 230V
– Phases of Auxiliary Voltage: 2
– Frequency of Auxiliary Voltage: 50Hz
– Transformer Power Rating: 580 kVA
– Startup Duration Factor (ED): 50%
– Secondary Idling DC Voltage: 7.7V
– Transformer Transforming Stages: 1

E.4 Technical Parameters of Mechanical Parts
– Maximum Upset Force: 1000 kN
– Clamping Force: 2000 kN
– Electrode Pressure: 1000 kN
– Clamping Stroke: 120 mm
– Upset Stroke: 50 mm

E.5 Technical Parameters of Hydraulic System
– High Pressure (Pump Pressure): 140 bar
– Low Pressure: 40 bar
– System Pressure: 130 bar
– Accumulator Charge Pressure: 40 bar
– Volume Flow with Pump Pressure: 190 L/min
– Fuel Tank Capacity: 400 L

E.6 Technical Parameters of Water-Cooling System
– Water Quality Requirements: Clean, filtered, calcium-free, neutral to low alkaline
– Flow: 150 L/min
– Cooling Water Pressure: 4-6 bar
– Entry Water Temperature: Max 25 °C
– Temperature Rise: 7 °C
– Cooling Power: 63000 kcal/h
– Filtration Accuracy: 100 μm
– dH – value, Total Hardness: 9-15 °
– dH – value, Carbonate Hardness: Max 9 °
– pH – value: 7-8
– Solid Fraction: Max 50 mg/L
– Sum of Salts (Sulfates/Nitrates/Chlorides): Max 70 mg/L

Part F: Main Features
– Utilizes high power DC welding for low welding resistance
– Equipped with an independent three-stage cooling system for easy maintenance, monitoring, and high cooling efficiency while preventing cross-contamination
– Features closed-loop automatic alignment for high alignment accuracy
– Includes fault self-diagnosis capabilities
– Incorporates temperature detection and thermal compensation
– Offers multiple welding processes to adjust according to specific requirements

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