How to sell crane rail to Turkish customer

We talked this business very long time, but customer delayed and delayed over two years, till the year of 2020, they still want to visit us, then will begin to do the business. Just met the COVID-19, they have to begin to do it without visiting. But send third party company to inspect our company, then began to pay for the prepayment. They are very cagey buyer.

Through third party they knew the scale of our company: we are located on Shanghai, we bought office ourselves, the area is 240 m2, the business volume annual all be tens of millions USD. They believed we are regular business company, then begin to arrange the prepayment to us.

Their detailed requirement as below:

QU120 crane rail, YB/T 5055-93, U71Mn, 12m length, actual weight 115.33 kg/m, 123 pcs, 1476m, 170.22 tons.

QU70 crane rail, YB/T 5055-93, U71Mn, 12m length, actual weight 50.63 kg/m, 8 pcs, 96m, 4.84 tons.

DIN 536-1991, A120 Crane rail, Material 900A, Length 12 m, theoretical weight 100 kg/m, 10 pcs, 12 tons.

DIN 536-1991, A100 Crane rail, Material 900A, Length 12 m, theoretical weight 74.3 kg/m, 12 pcs, 10.7 tons.

Their requirement all be heavy crane rail, normally should use same standard crane rail, but the design was different, they had to use different standard rail. Especially DIN 536 crane rail is very expensive, if they use Chinese standard QU crane rail, will save a lot of cost. But they had to follow designer’s requirement. They had asked the fasteners of rubber pad and rail clip, talked well to use weldable clip of 9220 and 9120, but they worried don’t be usable, told us to send one sample for test, if it is workable, will buy them soon. We agreed their request.

As we talked, QU rail can supply actual weight, A rail only can supply theoretical weight, when the goods left the mill, the mill will weigh it to get the actual weight, finally we’ll calculate the total amount and pay for it in the remain payment.

We talked to use bulk cargo to transport it, can save a lot of cost, on 20th of May, we delivered the all goods to Tianjin port. Please check the photos as below:

As we all know, bulk cargo is very freely, after ten days began to load the goods, the photo as below:

We try to buy used rail from other country, begin to understand buyer’s worry, just like in South Africa, one seller request our must T/T 3%, the balance pay for L/C, but we still worry about them, in some country of Africa they just want to cheat 3%, we believe a lot of international trading company had received similar email. So even in China do not have cheater, customer also be worried, as a buyer, we should understand their position. We believe that when they receive the goods, they will believe us. At beginning we told them that if they receive the goods and find out any problem, we’ll undertake the duty too, we suggest they weigh the weight again, then they will believe us and cooperate with us forever.

Recommend the international standard flat bottom rails that we can supply as below, if you need, welcome to send email to [email protected]:

Rail for Railway 43, 50, 60, 75kg/m TB/T2344-2012, TB/T3276-2011
P50/R50, P65/R65 GOST-R51685-200
S49, UIC54, UIC60 UIC860
JIS50N, JIS60, JIS75 JIS E1101
AS50, AS60, AS68 AS1085, BHP RT STD
90RA, 100RE, 115RE, 132RE, 136RE AREMA, ASTM
TR45, TR50, TR57, TR68 ASTM
49E1, 50E2, 54E1, 60E1, 60E2 EN 13674-1:2011
Switch Rail 50AT1, 60AT1, 60AT2, 60TY1, BT76, 75AT TB/T3109-2013
Crane rail A45, A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, A150 DIN536
QU80, QU100, QU120, CR175 YB/T5055-2014
ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2, 60R2 EN 14811:2006

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