How to solve customer’s problem?

In the evening we got an African customer’s whatsapp to send a picture of 15 kg/m light steel rail joint bar.

Our dialogue as below:

Hi, bro, just have seen your message, what is the problem?

Client: The bolt head doesn’t fit in the joint plate.

Normally face this problem, and in sleeping time, most people might answer client that this does not affect the usage effect. But we felt that client must be not satisfied this answer, because they understand this too, if they thought so, they will not ask us this question. So we tell client that tomorrow will ask this question then answer them.

Next morning we asked the supplier, their response same as we thought before, this does not affect the usage.

We did not give up this question, and request them take picture to us to check it again, they send the pictures as below:

From these pictures we found the reason, client put both joint bar to inverse direction, the groove should be installed to inside not to outside. By this way, bolt head never has that problem again.

Now we found the design is very high class and deliberately, as we knew that the web of 15 kg/m rail is very thin, only less than 8.33mm, by this way the strength only press to head and bottom not to web, can change the web’s stress force to tensile force, help web to support impact force, how deliberate design it is! But if you put the groove to outside, not only the bolt head can’t close the joint bar, but also the web of rail will face too much pressure from the fishplate.

This little matter tell us that never can’t simple to answer customer’s question, if you pay attention to everything, you will have new discovery. This is not only our serious attitude for work, but also be the respect for customer.

We can supply the railroad rail fasteners as below, hope our honorific customer feel free to contact us: [email protected].

Fish Bolt: 22×135, 24×135, 24×145
High-strength Fish Bolt: 22×135, 24×135, 24×145
Insulated Bolt: 22×160, 24×160, 24×170
T type bolt: M24x110
Flat Washer: 6×25×50
Spring Washer: 20×8, 24×8, 26×8
Double Spring Washer: 26×8
Screw Spike: M22x185, M24x195
Square head screw spike: 22×145, 22×155, 22×165
Hexagon screw spike: 22×145, 22×155, 22×165, 22×185, 22×195
Dog Spike: 16×16×165mm, 8x8x80mm, 10x10x100mm
Gauge Apron: 10#, 13#, 14#, 20#
Antiseptic gauge apron: 10#
Steel base plate/ base plate: For any type of rail
Rail anchor: For any type of rail
Rubber tie plate: For any type of rail
Elastic rail clip: A, B Type
Elastic rail clip: SKL serious Type
Antiseptic elastic rail clip: G Type, W Type, B Type
Nylon apron block: V type, 0-4#, 2-6#
Insulated Rail Gauge Rod: ¢32, ¢36
Rail Gauge Rod: ¢32, ¢36
Fishplate: 43kg, 50kg, 60kg, 75kg, BS60, BS75R, BS80A, BS90A and so on.
Insulated fishplate: 43, 50, 60, 75, UIC60, UIC54 etc.

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