Detailed parameters and application scope of AREMA TR45 steel rail

As a supplier in China, we are pleased to provide steel rails that meet the AREMA TR45 standard for the South American market. AREMA TR45 rail is a high-quality rail certified by the American Association of Railway Engineers (AREMA), with excellent performance and reliability. In this article, we will introduce you to the detailed parameters and wide application range of AREMA TR45 rail.

1、 Rail parameters:

  1. Standard weight: The standard weight of AREMA TR45 steel rail is 45 kilograms per meter. This weight standard provides the steel rail with sufficient strength and stability to cope with the operation and load of the train.
  2. Height: The height of the AREMA TR45 rail is 5.625 inches (142.9 millimeters). This height design is very reasonable, which can ensure that the steel rail can withstand the pressure and load when the train is running.
  3. Bottom width: The bottom width of the AREMA TR45 steel rail is 5.125 inches (130.2 millimeters). The bottom width design allows the steel rail to be firmly fixed on the sleeper, providing stable support.
  4. Top width: The top width of the AREMA TR45 steel rail is 2.563 inches (65.1 mm). The design of the top width allows the steel rail to provide good guidance during train passage, ensuring the safe operation of the train.
  5. Length: Our company can provide AREMA TR45 steel rails with a length between 12 and 25 meters according to customer requirements. Different lengths of steel rails are suitable for different railway lines and engineering needs, and can meet the diverse needs of customers.
  6. Material: AREMA TR45 steel rail is made of SS grade steel, which meets AREMA standards and has high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. This material ensures the reliability and stability of the steel rail in various complex environments.

2、 Application scope:

AREMA TR45 steel rail is suitable for various railway construction and maintenance projects, including high-speed railways, urban rail transit, freight railways, etc. It can be applied to passenger and freight trains and can carry medium loads. The advantages of AREMA TR45 steel rail are as follows:

  1. Strength and stability: The AREMA TR45 steel rail has undergone strict quality control and testing, and has excellent compressive and bending resistance, which can stably withstand the operating loads and pressures of the train.
  2. Durability: The AREMA TR45 steel rail is made of high-quality materials, which have excellent durability and corrosion resistance. It can be used in various harsh weather and environmental conditions and can maintain a long service life.
  3. Safety: The design and manufacturing of AREMA TR45 steel rails comply with strict railway industry standards, ensuring the safe operation and stable guidance of trains.

Our company has advanced production equipment and technical team, with the ability to produce AREMA TR45 steel rails. We will ensure the reliability of product quality and delivery time, while providing excellent customer service. We understand your minimum order quantity requirement of 500 tons and have the ability to meet this requirement.

By choosing us as your partner, you will receive high-quality AREMA TR45 steel rails to support railway construction and maintenance projects in South America. We are committed to working with you for common development and success, and look forward to working with you.

We can supply the international standard flat bottom rails as below:




Rail for Railway 43 kg/m rail50 kg/m rail,

60 kg/m rail75kg/m rail60N rail75N rail

TB/T2344-2012, TB/T3276-2011
P50 rail/R50 railP65 rail/R65 railRP60E1 GOST-R51685GOST R51054-2014
S49 railUIC54 railUIC60 rail UIC860
JIS50N railJIS60 rail JIS E1101
AS50 railAS60 railAS68 rail AS1085, BHP RT STD
90RA rail100RE rail115RE rail132RE rail136RE rail AREMA
TR45 railTR50 railTR57 railTR68 rail ASTM A759
BS75A railBS90A railBS100A rail BS11 STANDARD
ISCOR 48 railISCOR 57 rail UIC860 produce standard
45E1, 49E1 rail50E2 rail54E1 rail,

60E1 rail60E2 rail

EN 13674-1, EN13674-4
Switch Rail 50AT1 rail60AT1 rail,

60AT2 rail60TY1 rail

Crane Rail A45A55A65A75A100A120A150 DIN536
QU70 rail/KP70 railQU80 rail/KP80 railQU100 rail/KP100 rail,

QU120 rail/KP100 railCR175 rail

ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2 rail60R2 rail EN 14811:2006

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