DIN536 A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, and A150 crane rails in South America

Crane rails are indispensable and important equipment in the operation of cranes, carrying the weight of the crane and providing a stable running track for it. As a professional Chinese supplier of crane rails, our company has stock available year-round and is widely favored by customers in the South American market with high quality and reasonable prices. Welcome South American customers to inquire and purchase. The following is more detailed information about our regular DIN536 A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, and A150 crane rails.
DIN536 A55 crane rail: suitable for small cranes and internal material transportation in factories. It is made of high-strength alloy steel material and has wear and corrosion resistance characteristics.
DIN536 A65 crane rail: suitable for medium sized cranes and warehouse material loading and unloading. Using high-quality alloy steel materials to ensure the stability and durability of the crane rails.
DIN536 A75 crane rail: suitable for loading and unloading large cranes and port terminals. Made of high-strength steel material, it has excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for harsh working environments.
DIN536 A100 crane rail: suitable for heavy cranes and mining material handling. Made of special alloy steel materials, it has excellent strength and stability.
DIN536 A120 crane rail: suitable for super large cranes and large engineering projects. Using high-strength alloy steel materials to ensure the reliability and safety of the crane rails.
DIN536 A150 crane rail: suitable for ultra large cranes and important engineering projects. Adopting special alloy steel materials, it has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Our company not only provides various specifications of crane rails, but is also known for its high quality and reliability. All products are strictly produced in accordance with the DIN536 standard to ensure compliance with international standards and customer requirements. Our crane rails undergo strict quality control, with excellent durability and reliable performance, and can operate safely under various complex working conditions.
In order to meet the needs of the South American market, our company has advanced production equipment and a technical team, which can customize production according to customer specific requirements. Whether it is the size, length, or surface treatment of the crane rails, we can meet the personalized needs of customers. At the same time, we also provide matching rubber pads and welded rail clamps and other fasteners. Welcome to purchase.
As a Chinese supplier of crane rails, we are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales service. Our sales team always provides consultation and technical support to customers to ensure that they choose the most suitable crane rail specifications. We also provide installation guidance and maintenance suggestions to help customers extend the service life of crane rails and reduce operating costs.
Whether it is a small project or a large one, we are able to meet the needs of customers in South America. We prioritize quality and sincerely welcome South American customers to consult and purchase crane rails.

We can supply the international standard flat bottom rails as below:




Rail for Railway 43 kg/m rail50 kg/m rail,

60 kg/m rail75kg/m rail60N rail75N rail

TB/T2344-2012, TB/T3276-2011
P50 rail/R50 railP65 rail/R65 railRP60E1 GOST-R51685GOST R51054-2014
S49 railUIC54 railUIC60 rail UIC860
JIS50N railJIS60 rail JIS E1101
AS50 railAS60 railAS68 rail AS1085, BHP RT STD
90RA rail100RE rail115RE rail132RE rail136RE rail AREMA
TR45 railTR50 railTR57 railTR68 rail ASTM A759
BS75A railBS90A railBS100A rail BS11 STANDARD
ISCOR 48 railISCOR 57 rail UIC860 produce standard
45E1, 49E1 rail50E2 rail54E1 rail,

60E1 rail60E2 rail

EN 13674-1, EN13674-4
Switch Rail 50AT1 rail60AT1 rail,

60AT2 rail60TY1 rail

Crane Rail A45A55A65A75A100A120A150 DIN536
QU70 rail/KP70 railQU80 rail/KP80 railQU100 rail/KP100 rail,

QU120 rail/KP100 railCR175 rail

ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2 rail60R2 rail EN 14811:2006
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