ISCOR 48 South African standard steel rail

$900.00 $850.00

ISCOR 48 South African standard steel rail

Length: 12 to 30 meters;

Unit weight: 47.60 kg/m;

MOQ: 3000 tons

Delivery term 45 days

Delivery port: Tianjin port

Packing: In bundle by bulk cargo

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  • Exportable international standard flat bottom rail
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ISCOR 48 UIC860 standard South African steel rail is used for South Aferica area railway line, we can produce it by order, the MOQ should more than 3000 tons.

Length: 12 to 25 meters;

Unit weight: 47.60 kg/m;

Production standard: UIC860;

Delivery inspection standard: EN13674 for qualifying tests and acceptance tests;

Material: R900A/R1100;

Hardness: R260, R320.

ISCOR 48 is a standard steel rail in South Africa, and it is a medium-sized steel rail with high strength and durability. It is usually used for the construction and maintenance of railway lines and is widely used in the railway system in South Africa.
The specific specifications of ISCOR 48 steel rails are as follows:
-Material: Steel
-Weight: approximately 48 kilograms per meter
-Length: Standard length is 12-60 meters
ISCOR 48 steel rails are designed to carry the weight of trains and provide a smooth running surface. It can withstand the enormous pressure and impact generated by trains passing by. This type of steel rail has a long service life and requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure its performance and safety.
For more detailed specifications and parameters of ISCOR 48 steel rail, please consult us for further understanding.

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