The usage of YB2222 standard 18 kg/m steel rail

YB2222 standard 18 kg/m steel rail is used for railway track construction. These rails have a nominal weight of 18 kg per meter and are typically made of low carbon steel with certain chemical composition requirements. The rails are designed for use in light-duty railway tracks, such as those found in industrial facilities or small rail networks.

YB2222 standard 18 kg/m steel rail has an overall height of 90 mm, a head width of 40 mm, a foot width of 80 mm, and a web thickness of 10 mm. The material has Q235 and 55Q, length has 6m and 8m, also can supply 7m length.

YB2222 standard 18 kg/m steel rail is widely used in China and other countries where there is a need for smaller-sized rails for industrial or local transport applications.

The 18 kg/m steel rails specified by the YB2222 standard are typically used in light-duty railway tracks, including:

1. Industrial Facilities: These rails are commonly used within industrial complexes, factories, mines, and ports for internal transportation of goods. They provide a cost-effective solution for handling materials within such areas.

2. Small Rail Networks: Local rail networks in smaller towns or rural areas may utilize these rails for low-traffic railways, such as short-distance passenger lines or freight transportation within a limited region.

3. Light Rail Systems: In some urban areas, light rail systems with lower passenger capacity and shorter routes may employ this type of rail. These systems could serve as a convenient transportation option for commuters within a city or town.

4. Recreational and Tourist Railways: Rails meeting the YB2222 standard can be used in recreational or tourist railways, including amusement parks, historic sites, or scenic routes. These railways provide leisurely rides for visitors and are often constructed on a smaller scale.

This steel rail also be used in other countries worldwide, particularly in regions where lighter-duty railways or smaller-scale rail systems are implemented. These countries may include:

1. Developing Countries: Nations undergoing infrastructure development or expanding their railways may opt for lighter and more cost-effective rail options like the 18 kg/m steel rails.

2. Small-Scale Rail Networks: Countries or regions with limited railway networks, often serving local transportation needs, might find these rails suitable due to their lower weight and corresponding load-bearing capacity.

3. Industrial Facilities: Various countries with industrial complexes, mining operations, ports, or manufacturing facilities may utilize these rails for internal transportation purposes.

4. Recreational and Tourist Railways: Countries that have recreational or tourist railways, such as amusement parks, historic sites, or scenic areas, may employ this type of rail for leisurely rides.

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Type of rail

Height (mm) Bottom width (mm) Head width (mm) Middle thickness (mm) Length (m) Weight (kg/m)



65 54 25 7 6 8.42 YB2222


90 80 40 10 6 & 8



107 92 51 10.9 6 & 8



63.5 63.5 32.1 5.9 6




70 70 38.1 7.54 6



79 79 42.86 8.33 6 & 8



93.66 93.66 50.8 10.72 8 & 10


30 108 108 60.33 12.3 8 & 10


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