DIN536 A150/A120/A100/A75/A65/A55/A45 crane rail usage

DIN536 A150/A120/A100/A75/A65/A55/A45 crane rail is used for crane run, overhead crane moving, harbors and wharf crane moving rail, also be used for transformer moving or pier ground crane running. The material is 900A, hardness is more than HB260, min 880 N/mm2, length is 12 meters.

This standard crane rail has very wide bottom, most traditional developed countries like to use this crane rail, but the cost is higher than Chinese standard QU crane rail (or named GOST KP crane rail), please refer the specification as below:

DIN 536 crane rail
Type Diameter (mm) Unit weight (kg/m) Material Length (m)
H.W (mm) H (mm) B.W (mm) W.T (mm)
A45 45 55 125 24 22.2 900A 12
A55 55 65 150 31 31.8 900A 12
A65 65 75 175 38 43.1 900A 12
A75 75 85 200 45 56.2 900A 12
A100 100 95 200 60 74.3 900A 12
A120 120 105 220 72 100 900A 12
A150 150 150 220 80 150.3 900A 12

For these crane rails, some time we have some stock, if you need them, should confirm the type and quantity in advance. If we do not have stock, and the quantity is enough, we can deliver it within 40 days.


  1. How to install the crane rail?
    Normally should use weldable rail clamp to weld on steel structure (plate), bottom should lay rubber pad to reduce the impact force.
  2. How to choose single weldable rail clamp or double weldable rail clamp?
    This should follow the design drawing, normally more than A75 should use double weldable rail clamp, less than it should use single weldable rail clamp.
  3. How much rail clamp should be installed?
    This also need follow the designing, if the crane is less than 275 tons, the installation distance can be 600mm; If the weight of crane more than 275 tons, the distance should be 500mm.
  4. How to choose the rubber pad?
    The width of rubber pad should same as the width of rail bottom, thickness should be 8mm, length should same as the length of rail 12000mm. The surface has groove, inside has iron sheet, the groove should be installed to upper.

Please refer the installation fasteners:

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ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2 rail, 60R2 rail EN 14811:2006


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