Railway Infrastructure in Georgia: R65 Rails with DT350NN/DT350

As a leading supplier in the railway infrastructure industry, we have always been committed to offering top-tier solutions that answer to the demands of an ever-evolving global market. With a rich heritage and a firm eye on the future, we are proud to introduce the R65 New Rails, also known as DT350NN/DT350, to the former Soviet Union region, ushering in a new era of robust and efficient railway operations.
The R65 New Rails are renowned for their superior quality and performance, offering an excellent choice for both new constructions and upgrades of existing railway networks, specifically in the diverse and expansive former Soviet Union region. This terrain, with its varied geographical conditions, calls for a product that can withstand and perform optimally under different circumstances, a requirement that the R65 rails fulfill remarkably.
What sets the R65 rails apart is their impressive list of certifications – International Organization for Standardization (ISO), General Society of Surveillance (SGS), China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) Certificate, and Material Test Certificate (MTC). These globally recognized certifications are not just stamps of approval but serve as a testament to the exceptional quality of the R65 rails, offering end-users in the former Soviet Union region the assurance of a world-class product.
The region, rich with history and development, is ripe for infrastructure advancements. With the R65 rails, we aim to contribute significantly to this progress. A Distribution Agreement is firmly in place, ensuring a seamless supply chain operation from us to the customers in the former Soviet Union region.
The current market scenario reflects a demand for 12,000 metric tons of R65 rails, with a spot deal in place. This significant demand is indicative of the product’s growing popularity and its potential to redefine railway infrastructure in the region.
Delivery is to be made at Poti, Georgia, with a CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) agreement. This term means that we, as the sellers, deliver when the goods pass the ship’s rail in the port of shipment. We bear the costs and freight necessary to bring the goods to the named port of destination BUT the risk of loss or damage, as well as any additional costs due to events occurring after the time of delivery, are transferred from us to the buyer.
In conclusion, the R65 rails represent a significant advancement in railway technology. With their robust performance and globally recognized certifications, these rails are set to play a vital role in the future of railway infrastructure in the former Soviet Union region. As your trusted supplier, we are excited to bring this opportunity to all stakeholders in the railway industry, including operators, contractors, investors, and end-users in this region.

We can supply the international standard flat bottom rails as below:

Rail for Railway 43 kg/m rail50 kg/m rail,

60 kg/m rail75kg/m rail60N rail75N rail

TB/T2344-2012, TB/T3276-2011
P50 rail/R50 railP65 rail/R65 railRP60E1 GOST-R51685GOST R51054-2014
S49 railUIC54 railUIC60 rail UIC860
JIS50N railJIS60 rail JIS E1101
AS50 railAS60 railAS68 rail AS1085, BHP RT STD
90RA rail100RE rail115RE rail132RE rail136RE rail AREMA
TR45 railTR50 railTR57 railTR68 rail ASTM A759
BS75A railBS90A railBS100A rail BS11 STANDARD
ISCOR 48 railISCOR 57 rail UIC860 produce standard
45E1, 49E1 rail50E2 rail54E1 rail,

60E1 rail60E2 rail

EN 13674-1, EN13674-4
Switch Rail 50AT1 rail60AT1 rail,

60AT2 rail60TY1 rail

Crane Rail A45A55A65A75A100A120A150 DIN536
QU70 rail/KP70 railQU80 rail/KP80 railQU100 rail/KP100 rail,

QU120 rail/KP100 railCR175 rail

ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2 rail60R2 rail EN 14811:2006
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