DIN 536 A65 crane rail introduction

DIN 536 A65 crane rail is a type of crane rail that conforms to the DIN 536 standard and has a specific profile and dimensions. The DIN 536 A65 crane rail has the following specifications:

These specifications are based on the DIN 536 standard for crane rails and are specific to the A65 profile.
DIN 536 A65 crane rail can be used in a wide range of areas that require heavy-duty crane operations. Some specific areas where this rail is commonly utilized include:
1. Ports and Shipyards: It is extensively used in ports and shipyards for container handling cranes, gantry cranes, and other cargo handling equipment.
2. Industrial Facilities: The rail is employed in manufacturing plants, warehouses, steel mills, and other industrial facilities where overhead cranes are necessary for material handling and logistics.
3. Railway Depots: It can be found in railway depots for maintenance and repair operations, supporting the movement of locomotives, railcars, and other rolling stock.
4. Construction Sites: The rail is often used in construction sites where cranes are utilized for lifting heavy construction materials, equipment, and structures.
5. Mining: In the mining industry, this rail is used in mines for the transportation of heavy loads, machinery, and materials.
6. Power Plants: It can be installed in power plants for the movement of equipment such as turbines, generators, and transformers.
7. Steel and Metal Industries: The rail is commonly used in steel mills and metal processing plants for handling raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods.
These are some of the key areas where DIN 536 A65 crane rail finds its application. Its robust design and load-bearing capacity make it suitable for demanding environments that require efficient and reliable crane operations.
DIN 536 A65 crane rail is used in various countries worldwide. It is a standardized rail profile that is recognized and employed in many industrialized nations. Some of the countries where this rail is commonly used include Germany, European Union, South America, Asia-Pacific Region: Countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and others in the Asia-Pacific region. Middle East: Several countries in the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, may employ this rail in their ports, industrial zones, and infrastructure projects.

We can supply the international standard flat bottom rails as below:




Rail for Railway 43 kg/m rail, 50 kg/m rail,

60 kg/m rail, 75kg/m rail, 60N rail, 75N rail

TB/T2344-2012, TB/T3276-2011
P50 rail/R50 rail, P65 rail/R65 rail, RP60E1 GOST-R51685, GOST R51054-2014
S49 rail, UIC54 rail, UIC60 rail UIC860
JIS50N rail, JIS60 rail JIS E1101
AS50 rail, AS60 rail, AS68 rail AS1085, BHP RT STD
90RA rail, 100RE rail, 115RE rail, 132RE rail, 136RE rail AREMA
TR45 rail, TR50 rail, TR57 rail, TR68 rail ASTM A759
BS75A rail, BS90A rail, BS100A rail BS11 STANDARD
ISCOR 48 rail, ISCOR 57 rail UIC860 produce standard
45E1, 49E1 rail, 50E2 rail, 54E1 rail,

60E1 rail, 60E2 rail

EN 13674-1, EN13674-4
Switch Rail 50AT1 rail, 60AT1 rail,

60AT2 rail, 60TY1 rail

Crane Rail A45, A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, A150 DIN536
QU70 rail/KP70 rail, QU80 rail/KP80 rail, QU100 rail/KP100 rail,

QU120 rail/KP100 rail, CR175 rail

ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2 rail, 60R2 rail EN 14811:2006

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