Valuable Chinese supplier of EN13674-1 54E1 steel rail

EN13674-1 54E1 steel rail is a track product that complies with European standards and specifications, and its scope of use is mainly concentrated in the field of railway transportation. This steel rail is used in railway transportation fields such as ordinary railways, urban rail transit, and high-speed railways, and can bear the weight of trains and ensure the stability and stability of train operation.

In terms of technical parameters, the length of EN13674-1 54E1 steel rail is usually 12-60 meters, the rail head width is 70mm, the rail height is 159mm, the rail bottom width is 140mm, the waist thickness is 16mm, the weight is 54.77kg/m, and the hardness reaches R260 and R350HT levels. In addition, the rail needs to meet a series of physical and chemical performance indicators, including tensile strength, bending strength, impact toughness, chemical composition, and other indicators.

EN13674-1 54E1 steel rail is widely used in many countries around the world, such as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

As a Chinese supplier engaged in the field of railway transportation, our EN13674-1 54E1 rail product has the following advantages:

In terms of quality, we adhere to the use of high-quality steel and advanced production processes to ensure that the physical and chemical performance indicators of each batch of products meet the requirements of European standards and specifications, and the product quality is stable and reliable.

In terms of price, our production factory has high production efficiency and scale advantages, which can provide competitive prices and provide customers with more cost advantages.

In terms of delivery cycle, we are able to meet customers’ delivery requirements in emergency situations, as well as our production and supply capabilities for large quantities of orders.

Our factory is equipped with efficient rail line production equipment and quality inspection equipment, and has rich production experience and professional knowledge. This enables us to produce high-quality and compliant EN13674-1 54E1 rail products.

We can customize production according to customer requirements and provide EN13674-1 54E1 steel rail products with special specifications and materials.

In terms of supply capacity, we can flexibly arrange production plans to achieve timely supply. We adopt strict quality control measures during the production process to ensure the stable and reliable quality of each batch of products. At the same time, we cooperate with logistics companies to transport up to 60 meters of steel rails and quickly and safely deliver products to customers, ensuring timely delivery cycles.

We also provide quality assurance services for over five years. We understand the problems and needs that customers encounter during use, and provide professional technical support and solutions. Whether it is product installation, maintenance, or after-sales repair, we will respond promptly and provide assistance to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous cooperation.

In summary, as a supplier of EN13674-1 54E1 steel rails in China, with advanced production equipment, high-quality product quality, flexible supply capacity, and comprehensive after-sales service, we are able to meet customer needs and win the advantage of market competition. We warmly welcome more customers to contact us and choose our products.

We can supply the international standard flat bottom rails as below:




Rail for Railway 43 kg/m rail50 kg/m rail,

60 kg/m rail75kg/m rail60N rail75N rail

TB/T2344-2012, TB/T3276-2011
P50 rail/R50 railP65 rail/R65 railRP60E1 GOST-R51685GOST R51054-2014
S49 railUIC54 railUIC60 rail UIC860
JIS50N railJIS60 rail JIS E1101
AS50 railAS60 railAS68 rail AS1085, BHP RT STD
90RA rail100RE rail115RE rail132RE rail136RE rail AREMA
TR45 railTR50 railTR57 railTR68 rail ASTM A759
BS75A railBS90A railBS100A rail BS11 STANDARD
ISCOR 48 railISCOR 57 rail UIC860 produce standard
45E1, 49E1 rail50E2 rail54E1 rail,

60E1 rail60E2 rail

EN 13674-1, EN13674-4
Switch Rail 50AT1 rail60AT1 rail,

60AT2 rail60TY1 rail

Crane Rail A45A55A65A75A100A120A150 DIN536
QU70 rail/KP70 railQU80 rail/KP80 railQU100 rail/KP100 rail,

QU120 rail/KP100 railCR175 rail

ASTM A759-2000
Grooved Rail 59R2 rail60R2 rail EN 14811:2006

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